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One of the technologies I recognized in the article was robot dexterity. For years my generation has been told that robots were going to be a big part of our life and that the job we'd have when we grew up didn't even exist yet. I was well aware of the growing industry especially with the placement of tall robots in stores such as Stop and Shop. Another technology that interested me was the cow-free burger. As a vegetarian, it makes me happy knowing that actions are being taken to reduce the amount of animal cruelty. It would be pretty cool to see more people rely on plant-based alternatives and realize that they really aren't that far off taste-wise from the real thing. Another tech advancement that I thought was interesting was the preemie baby predictions. There have been so many developments in the maternity department within the past few years. As an AP biology student, knowing about the new techniques that involve cells really helps me to piece together the puzzle of…

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