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Final Reflection

The first component of my final project was a survey made using google forms. During my initial brainstorm, I knew I wanted to have an overall theme for the project that would tie everything together and the theme I chose was a passion of mine; music. For my survey I wanted to gain knowledge about what kind of music people listened to. The results concluded that people listen to what's considered modern music, and not so much classics or oldies. This survey was final project worthy because I expanded the variety used in question style. It can be found either posted on my blog or on the slideshow shared in my digital literacy II folder.
The second part of the project was an infographic based off of the information gathered in the survey. This infographic's goal was to show what kind of music is popular nowadays, and what people enjoy the most. My infographic is final project worthy because I navigated new features of the site in order to make the visual captivating. While I beg…

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